Notion Website Template Kit Mega Pack!

Sam Dickie
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The Mega Notion Website Template Kit contains everything you need to create a website, resume, portfolio personal site or landing page using Notion.

My Notion Website Template and Component Kit have been downloaded almost 3k times. Now you can get them all in one pack, including my new Popsy optimised Website Template Kit to supercharge your Notion website.

In a matter of minutes, you can create a free site and share it online - with no coding required whatsoever.

🎁 What you will get

⚡️ Notion Website Template Kit
⚡️ Notion Website Component Kit
⚡️ Popsy optimised Website Template Kit 🆕
⚡️ Tutorial video and ReadMe file
⚡️ 65 personal websites for inspiration

Notion Website Template Pack includes:

✅  Homepage Template
✅  About Template
✅  Blog Template
✅  Project Template
✅  Now Page Template

Notion Website Component Kit includes:

✅  Homepage Template
✅  Footer layouts
✅  Navigation Sections
✅  Feature/ Benefits 
✅  Case study layouts
✅  Sign up components
✅  Social layouts
✅  About sections
✅  Skills layouts
✅ ReadMe file

🆕 Supercharge your site using Popsy

Each purchase also includes a Popsy optimised version of my Notion website template at no additional cost. Simply create a free Popsy account and paste the Notion template URL and create a site that looks and feels like a website exactly like this (

+ Notion directory of 65+ curated personal websites for inspiration.

If you're not happy with it I will happily refund you the difference 😄

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Notion Website Template Kit Mega Pack!

5 ratings
I want this!