100+ Customer and Product Discovery Research Questions

Sam Dickie
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Rapidly conduct customer or product discovery research with this free repository of example questions.

I built this repository of example questions over the last 6 years to optimise my research process. Quickly search from over 100 example questions broken up by each phase of the discovery process. The repository is updated on a regular basis.

The goal of customer discovery is just what the name implies: to find out who your customers are and whether the problem you believe you are solving is important to them. 

A great way to undertake early customer discovery is by creating surveys and arranging interviews with your target audience. This bank of example questions should provide you with a great place to start.

Who am i?

I'm Sam, a Senior Product Manager with 7 years experience working for early stage growth startups. Learn more about me here.

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100+ Customer and Product Discovery Research Questions

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