Two-pager Product Management Template

Sam Dickie
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I studied briefing documents (AKA SoW, PRD's) from some of the best product teams and crafted a modern template to suit you and your teams needs. Best thing is, it requires little resources, but can deliver enormous benefits. This document due to its size is easy to create and maintain whilst also delivering value to all stakeholders involved.

What is a Product Briefing Document?

It’s an artefact to scope and define a problem.

What it’s not, is a description of what your building, a list of requirements or a list of features. Too many people make the mistake of quickly assigning easy work items to their teams without involving them from the outset, listening to their suggestions, points of view or giving them the full product vision.

It’s extremely important everyone involved in each product team has a voice at the planning stage. Too many people are reluctant to speak up about their reservations during the all-important planning phase. By making it safe for objectors who are knowledgeable about the undertaking but worried about its weaknesses to speak up, you can improve a project’s chances of success.

As a Product Manager, this Product Brief helps frame, scope and communicate the customer problem to the team.

The goal of the Product Brief is to have a shared understanding of what we are building and why.

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Who am i?

I'm Sam, a Senior Product Manager with 7 years experience working for early stage growth startups. Learn more about me here.

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Two-pager Product Management Template

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